Everyone with a passion for water, energy and the climate can join the Wavemakers United and thus becomes part of our mission: “connecting young people with a passion for water, energy and our planet, in an ever-growing national and international community, and work together to make real sustainable change in the field of water and energy.”


Companies with a passion for water, energy and the climate can join the Wavemakers United as partners and become part of #WAVETOPARIS! Once a partner, the companies can choose to profile themselves during our events. We are happy to make a tailor-made proposal for this. You ask and the Wavemakers United provide connection and impact!


    1. Awareness

    Globally we are all facing the same water and energy challenges. Wavemakers United offers a stage for innovation that offer a solution the global water, energy and sustainability issues of our partners and share them with the wider public. This results in visibility and awareness.

    2. Human Capital

    The energy transition will require a lot of smart minds and golden hands in the coming years. Together with Wavemakers United you ensure a fresh and ambitious influx of new talent for your organisation, because Wavemakers United is thé program for water and energy talents. As a partner of Wavemakers United, your organisation works effectively on the human capital agenda.

    3. Community

    Wavemakers United is building a pool of ambitious students and young professionals. As a partner of Wavemakers United you can be in direct contact with our talented community. Wavemakers United supports students in making connections with companies, enabling them to build a valuable network in the water and energy sector.

    4. Visibility

    Wavemakers United is visible on the largest water and energy events all around the world. The Wavemakers, our young talents, talk about the most promising water and energy innovation abroad and leave a legacy behind through the Wavemakers United platform. This gives partners of Wavemakers United worldwide exposure in the Wavemaker network.