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Wavemaker Academy

9 May 2024

We believe that sustainable change will come not only with awareness and inspiration, but also with a strong foundation of education and firm knowledge. Recognizing this, we have established the Wavemaker Academy.

The Academy is a market place of knowledge, consisting of courses designed to enrich your understanding and skill set. We continually collaborate with our partners to grow the Academy with fresh and relevant content, ensuring that it remains an evolving platform for learning. To stay updated on our expanding course offerings, we encourage you to keep an eye on our latest news and revisit the Academy periodically for new programs and courses you can delve into.

The Wavemaker Academy primarily focuses on delivering content and courses centered around the following themes:

  • Water systems
  • Energy systems
  • Climate
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Sports & Health
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Plastic pollution& Oceans
  • Water labs

Our Wavemaker Academy courses provide our members with the opportunity to become familiar with a variety of sustainability topics, which can be applied to our guest lectures at major sports events and in the classrooms. By doing so, we hope to initiate a movement in which knowledge is shared all around the world.

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