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Given guest lectures in 2023


Ever since it’s first event in South Africa, during the 2018 Volvo Ocean Race, the Wavemakers United Foundation kept a strong and meaningful connection to South Africa. Since then, South African Wavemakers have shown ambitious and inspiring water action. During the 2023 Ocean Race Wavemakers officially joined forces with Stellenbosch University in the first ever Chapter of the Wavemakers United Foundation!

"After visiting the International Water Week 2019 in the Netherlands, I got to learn what Wavemakers does and realized our passions are the same. I received their tools to organize water labs and guest-lectures about water and science. Mostly to vulnerable children. Since I started, I reached 1086 schools. My dream is to make real impact and to change the next generation’s perspective on water."

Collaboration Stellenbosch University

Manuel Nicholas Jackso – Manager Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University Water Institute collaborates with Wavemakers United in the context of EU funded the establishment and upscale of Platform for Vocational Excellence in Southern Africa. PoVE Water Scale-up is a joint initiative of 8 VET schools, 7 Water industry professionals, 4 academic partners and 4 support partners in Europe and beyond to educate our VET students to become agile, digitally skilled, and sustainable oriented water sector professionals that our future desperately needs. 

The Wavemakers United Foundation and Stellenbosch University are proud of the South African Wavemakers and supports all partners in their mission. Together we can create local impact, develop new innovations, and showcase successful solutions on a global stage. 


A consortium of South African organizations are joining the South African Wavemakers in their mission by submitting a commitment to the UN Water Action Agenda. Keep an eye on this page and the Water Action Agenda for updates on their commitment! 

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