South Africa

A biodiversity hotspot - with water as main challenge

South Africa is constantly challenged by a changing climate. Water, whether its polluted, unavailable or unsafe, is one of its main challenges. After Day-Zero, in 2017, Wavemakers started spreading awareness about water onto the next generation. Now, in 2023, the South African Wavemakers launched their Chapter – to keep making sustainable impact in the years to come!

After visiting the International Water Week 2019 in the Netherlands, I got to learn what Wavemakers does and realized our passions are the same. I received their tools to organize water labs and guest-lectures about water and science. Mostly to vulnerable children. Since I started, I reached 1086 schools. My dream is to make real impact and to change the next generation’s perspective on water.

Margo Adonis, Scientific Technician at the South African Department of Water and Sanitation and Wavemaker since 2019

Committed to water action

A consortium of South African organizations are joining the South African Wavemakers in their mission by submitting a commitment to the UN Water Action Agenda. Keep an eye on this page and the Water Action Agenda for updates on their commitment.

Join the South African wave!