Wavemakers United

Wavemakers United inspires youth to take action on water. 

We do this in three ways: 

  1. By raising awareness through education and sports. Our goal is to give 1 million youngsters a year a guest lecture on water. 
  2. By promoting global collaboration through our capacity-building program 
  3. and by supporting new student-initiated innovations. 
Educated youngsters

Our work in action

By 2027 we will reach 1.000.000 children per year across the whole world with our Wavemaker Lessons. We accelerate this by organizing the Gamechanger Challenge: to expand the community and bring in new innovative ideas from students and young professionals. Our unique factor is a global network with local ambassadors and high-profile athletes who educate children with the most fun and engaging lessons through our interactive water experiments.  

Our education program inspires the next generation, our global capacity-building program activates changemakers on a local level, and our Gamechanger Challenge kickstarts breakthrough innovations from the most talented students. 

These drops of knowledge will create a wave of impact and that is how Wavemakers United helps to solve global water challenges.

Recent highlights:

Making waves in South Africa!

Wavemaker Margo Tamzone Adonis is rocking it since day one! As she says: “we have planted 1600 trees and conducted 2817 Guest Lectures contributing towards our committed of 1 million guest lectures!”

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