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Wavemakers United inspires youth worldwide to take water-related climate action. We educate, inspire and connect everyone with a passion for water. Together, we can create sustainable impact and ensure a climate resilient future!

Where the UN2023 Gamechanger Challenge has brought us

1-million youngsters educated on water. Each year, until 2030.

We have committed to educate one million youngsters on water each year until 2030. It is essential to empower youth with the right tools to develop themselves and deliver a strong contribution to a climate resilient future. Join the commitment below.


Join the 30/30/30 commitment!

To ensure diversity and intergenerational cooperation within the water sector all water organizations should have 30% of their labor force filled with employees younger than 30 years old, by 2030.

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We are hiring!

Wavemakers United is looking for a communications manager/ content creator who wants to make positive contribution on solving the global water challenges.

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