Become a Wavemaker


Yes, everyone with a passion for water, energy and climate can join the Wavemakers community. Before you can call yourself a Wavemaker you need to follow our short online training. After that you are officially a wavemaker!

We operate globally so your wavemaker job can be different but we will give you an example of what we expect from wavemakers in the Netherlands:  

  • Twice a year you run a WaterLab at a location in the Netherlands and sometimes beyond (super fun!) 
  • Once a year you give a guest lesson at a school of your choice (we help you with content 
  • 2 x a year you are present at our ‘community day’ (fun & educational) 
  • You help within one of the teams of our organization; how often and how much you want! 
  • Share interesting content on your own social media or provide us with content for our social media. Of course we will help you with this!  

You have access to a huge network of like-minded people: from students to (young) professionals and from (top) athletes to (inter)national governments . All with the same passion for a sustainable world! Educational, fun and a great head start on your career!  
You will receive a fee for running a WaterLab,  


we ask for your time and energy for the other activities! 

Are you 17+ and do you want to become a Wavemaker? Sign up on our website at:   

In case you have further questions are you want to have more information: Please send us an email to kasper@wavemakersunited

Welcome & Join the wave !