Gamechanger Challenge goes beyond New York

Looking for new water innovations in 2024

What's next?

A new challenge is on the way! Join us during the SDG Weekend 16-17 September in New York City. We want to hear YOUR story on water in relation to sustainable development. Speak up and inspire youngsters to join the challenge! 

 Wavemakers United and IHE Institute for water education Delft organized the UN2023 Gamechanger Challenge towards the UN2023 Water Conference. The project successfully involved 200 student teams from 62 different countries resulting in 5 finalists presenting their idea during the New York Water Week.  

 The journey of water innovation has only just begun!  

Announcement during the Stockholm Water Week

Wavemakers United announced the next gamechanger challenge during the Stockholm Water Week. The aim was to gather input from the youth experts and ambassadors in order to formulate the challenge question.

Output Stockholm

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Find us at SDG Weekend

During the SDG Weekend 16-17 September we want to hear from you! Water is the connection between all SDGs, from irrigation in ensuring enough food, water in resilient cities and life on land and below water. Share your mission on sustainable development and inspire others in your home country!  

This is your chance to join!

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