The Gamechanger Challenge

Wavemakers United and IHE Delft Institute for Water Education organized the first UN 2023 Gamechanger Challenge  in 2022 – 2023! More than 200 student teams from over 60 nationalities have joined the challenge and the top 5 pitched  ideas live in New York during the UN Water Conference.

Due to the  resounding succes we are happy to announce that the Game Changer Challenge is back! 

Wavemakers United is a community of students, young professionals, and athletes with a passion for water. As a youth organization we focus on local challenges while having a global reach. Our aim is to contribute to the UN SDGs and involve as many youngsters as possible. 

The mission

Our mission is to develop a collection of ideas for social, technical, and environmental innovations that mitigate the global water challenges and can accelerate achieving the SDG’s. These ideas are locally sourced by youngsters and are ultimately applicable on global scale. The aim of this Challenge is to create meaningful impact on the world water challenges by really implementing the water-related innovative ideas of participants.

Obviously, sub-goals such as creating awareness, improving water challenges the world is facing can be classified in too much water, too little water, too dirty water, and water safety. On a local and global level solutions are found to improve water quality, safety, hygiene, adapt to droughts and prevent floods.

 We believe in the creativity of youth to come up with a much-needed innovative Gamechanger for the world. 


Team Algaenius, finalist of the first edition of the Gamechanger Challenge and winner of the Wetskills program ! 


During this competition youngsters around the world will be challenged to find solutions to the pressing water and other climate related issues. All teams will be guided by experts and young professionals from the field of water management and sustainability. Renowned global Universities will supply teams with relevant and up-to-date information about the current state of the climate in their relevant academic field. 

Teams will work on topics relating water pollution, shortage of water, water abundancies, water security and water management. During the development of their climate solutions, teams will be supported and enthused with national and international events together with athletes in water sports. By combining academia, experts from the field and the excitement of sports, youngsters will develop their knowledge in an exciting and a-political environment.  

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