Wavemakers United Education

Educated youngsters

Educating 1.000.000 youngsters on SDGs.

Wavemakers United, in collaboration with several partners, is committed to imparting water education to 1 million youngsters through its participation in the water action agenda. This undertaking holds significant importance, as it seeks to engage the brightest minds in addressing the multifaceted complex water-related issues that are of global concern. Will you join this wave?

Preparing the next generation!

In order to achieve the climate goals we will need all bright minds around us. Wavemakers United is well aware of the fact that the youth of today will become the leaders of tomorrow. Our mission is to educate and inspire the youth to take action on climate goals. To achieve this we are working hard on several educational modules – all with a positive and practical mindset.

Growing education offer!

Wavemakers United is working hard on creating the most complete set of education offer. Thanks to our top athletes and our modern approach, education about sustainability is fun and sexy. Our educational content already reached over 500.000 youngsters worldwide. Do not wait any longer and join our community!

How we teach the next generation about water

Wavemaker Academy

Our Wavemakers are the key in reaching our community and creating awareness on the topics of water and sustainability. In order to have sufficient knowledge and the right tools to create impact we provide our Wavemakers several online course via our academy. 

Top athletes and our wavemakers are providing guest lectures at schools and during big international events. Our collaboration with top athletes keeps these lectures sexy and interesting for every age. An SDG-toolkit helps them to offer the right guest-lectures to every kind of audience.

Water, Food & Energy labs

Our Water, Food & Energy labs consist of experiments on sustainable topics and their connection to water. With these experiments we offer youth a playful learning experience. Our aim is to inspire youth to choose a study in water or to start a career in sustainability.

VR, apps and games

Wavemakers United is using the latest technologies to create impact. Mobile apps are used to interact with our community and have fun while VR technology is used to provide magical experiences that no one will forget. We make sustainabiity fun!

Education for partners

Our offer also includes lesson plans, demos and experiments, about sustainability topics and water, developed with and for our partners. Wavemakers United is working with educational partners in order to create the best material for your organisation. Contact us in case your organisation is interested!


Online and Hybrid masterclasses are held with experts, scientists, top officials and entrepreneurs. This creates an opportunity for the youth to make use of the valuable knowledge. It also opens a door to interact with these individuals.


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