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Welcome to the e-learning Basic Course Wavemakers, the training program that gives you the necessary background knowledge to, as a water and energy ambassador, bring the topics of water awareness and energy transition to the attention of various target groups in a thorough manner. The program consists of ten digital teaching modules, each of which highlights a different aspect of water and energy. Each module consists of a film of about eight minutes, background information and some test questions. Once you have completed all modules, you can print a certificate and call yourself a  Wavemaker.


You follow the lessons in the order of lesson 1 to lesson 10. The lessons consist of a film, the text of which has been written out. You can expand the orange colored bars above the film to reveal the text. If you want to look up something afterwards, you can easily find the right part in this way. In the top right corner you will see the button to open the menu. Here you can see at a glance how far you have progressed in the lessons and test questions. You will also see the document ‘Purpose and activities’ (both Dutch and English); this contains a brief summary of the goals and working method of Wavemakers United.


The teaching modules in this e-learning environment are exclusively intended for internal use by water and energy ambassadors in training. None of the lesson components may be used outside of this e-learning environment.