Lesson 1, Topic 1
In Progress


9 May 2024

In partnership with schools and universities, we are currently developing a range of project-based educational modules for students. These modules are designed to provide hands-on experience in sustainability and water and can be credited towards your studies. By participating in these projects, you can earn study credits while making a meaningful impact on the environment. We encourage all Wavemakers to get involved and take advantage of this unique opportunity to develop their skills and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Currently, we are working on the development of courses and experiments that can be integrated into existing school curricula. By incorporating more water awareness and knowledge into these curricula, we aim to encourage more students to pursue water-related studies. Our approach involves a collaborative effort with schools and teachers to ensure that our materials are relevant, engaging, and aligned with educational standards.

Finally, we are also collaborating with museums to develop educational demonstrations and lesson plans about water, energy andsustainable technology . This enables us to cover every aspect of sustainability education within our society.