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9 May 2024

Wavemakers United is an organization that originated under the name Dutch Wavemakers in 2016. The mission was to engage young people and cultivate support for climate adaptation through a network that promotes sustainable water use and management. It is designed to attract young people with an interest in pursuing studies in the field of water, climate, and the environment at the HBO or university level.

Dutch Wavemakers was a modern platform that leveraged social media and blogs, and collaborated with influencers from top sports events, including the Olympics, Volvo Ocean Race, and trade missions. Given the importance of young people’s voices in the climate discussion. The program fostered social dynamics that empower young people and water ambassadors to make a difference. The program also collaborates with industry partners via the Top Sector Water to establish connections with research, innovation, and employment opportunities.

The Dutch Wavemakers program has been successfully integrated into Wavemakers United Foundation. Building on the achievements of its predecessor, Wavemakers United now operates on a global scale, with new and ambitious objectives. Through its network and partnerships, Wavemakers United aims to make a positive impact on a global scale, with a particular emphasis on promoting sustainable water use, while also empowering young people to become active participants in tackling climate change in general. Wavemakers United is well known for her recent UN 2023 Gamechanger Challenge in which students were asked to develop an innovative idea to solve a global water issue. An outstanding 200 Universities from 62 countries with almost 2000 students joined this challenge and made it a huge success.

The UN 2023 Gamechanger Challenge Finals, held during the UN Water Conference in New York, marked the start of a transformative era for Wavemakers United. We aim to sustain this momentum, propelling forward with the same energy and passion, alongside our partners and Wavemakers, to create substantial impact. To bring this vision into reality, we’ve made commitments to the UN Water Action Agenda, which are:

  • Educating 1 million youngsters annually through guest lectures on water and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Crafting the “Adopt an Idea” program.
  • Facilitating the formation and growth of Chapters in local communities.

Interested in these commitments? We will explain them in the subsequent chapters, equipping you with all the necessary information you need to understand and contribute to these impactful initiatives. Stay tuned!