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9 May 2024

Wavemakers United is a community of students, young professionals, and Olympic athletes who are passionate about water and climate related issues. We are also working on global problems related to food, energy and all SDGs in relation to water. As a youth-oriented organization, we prioritize addressing local challenges, while simultaneously making a global impact towards achieving the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Our primary focus is on promoting sustainability and water awareness. Our top athletes aid us in spreading awareness and inspiring positive change on a global scale.

The top athletes collaborate with students and young professionals to provide guest lectures and water labs for children. By doing so, we aim to inspire and motivate young minds to become the changemakers of tomorrow.

Our goal is to have a global community of universities, participants and partners from all countries which signed the Paris climate agreement, collaborate for a more sustainable future under the Water action Agenda commitments we have made.