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Mobile App

9 May 2024

In an era where change is ever so fast, we are all witness to the transformation around us. To stay updated of these developments, particularly technological advancements, we too are continually innovating and evolving. Recognizing the immense potential of mobile technology, we have ventured into the digital arena with the creation of Wavemaker app. This app, designed to foster engaging and interactive experiences, is readily available for download on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. We warmly invite you to install it and add yourself to the Wavemakers community.

Currently, the app features an exciting quiz game designed to test and enrich your understanding of various sustainability topics. Challenge your fellow Wavemakers and strive for the top spot while standing a chance to win prizes. Additionally, the app also allows you to explore and register for upcoming events.

However, our digital journey doesn’t stop here. We are developingthe app to grow and incorporate a host of new features, including:

  • Enhanced Social Interactions
  • A Marketplace for Ideas
  • A Mobile Extension of the Wavemaker Academy
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

Stay connected with us on our social media channels to receive all the latest updates about the app. We strongly encourage you to dive in, explore, and help us shape this digital journey!