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9 May 2024

Since  2023, Wavemakers United has been operating as a non-profit organization, striving to  promote sustainable water use and management globally. To realize our mission and goals, we’veestablished a robust framework. This foundation is supported by several organizational structures that assist, guide, and bring our vision to life. The structure of our organization isas follows:

Foundation Board members:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Board members

The foundation board members are highly skilled professionals with experience in the water and sustainability sector as well as in the business environment. This board helps us in creating a robust strategy and aligning our mission with the international organizations.

The day-to-day activities of Wavemakers United are led by the WUF General Team, which is responsible for program development and interaction with stakeholders. This team will bring the strategy of the foundation boards to life. The structure of the team is as follows:

  • Founder and managing director
  • Education &Program Manager
  • Communications Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Youth Network Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Sports & Relations Manager

Advisory boards

We are committed to promoting the meaningful participation of professionals in the water sector. To achieve this, we have establishedanadvisory board, which plays a crucial role in shaping our Foundation’s long-term strategy. The advisory board focuses on the role of young people within our organization, alignment with other global organizationsas well as the social impact that our initiatives have on youth.

We have an expert on board from every continent of the world. This allows us to keep track of the local developments in different regions. Look at our website to meet our advisory board members


To maintain the alignment of Wavemakers United with its mission and vision, we deeply value and depend on the guidance of our supporter, formerDutchenvoy for Water Henk Ovink. Since the beginning of our journey as Dutch Wavemakers, Henk Ovink has been a pillar of support, offering invaluable strategic advice.His guidance has been instrumental in shaping our organization and continues to inspire our progress.

  • Henk Ovink

If you are interested in who is fullfilling these roles at the moment please visit our website and check it out on the About Us page: