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9 May 2024

At Wavemakers United, we are proud to collaborate with Optimist on Tour to organize a series of Water labs throughout the Netherlands. These activity days provide children with hands-on experience in our own water lab through engaging experiments and interactive sessions. To learn more about our water lab and the work we do with Optimist on Tour, please follow the links provided below:

  • Link to our Water lab: [insert link]
  • More information about Optimist on Tour: [insert link]

Our Water labs are not limited to the Netherlands, as we aim to make them available to all our global partners. This means that any Wavemaker can host a Waterlab in their local community. To ensure that our Waterlabs are delivered to the highest standard, we strongly recommend that all Wavemakers complete the Water labs course. This will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver engaging and educational sessions for children around the world.