New Wave launched on Bonaire!

Bonaire, just like the other small Island State in the Caribbean are particularly vulnerable for climate change because of their fragile ecosystems and often low-lying coast areas. With this wave we aim to work hard to keep nature as unspoiled as possible, yet make it touristy attractive and inspire the next generation to become ambassadors for water! 

The new Wave was launched last weekend during the Sport Expo on Bonaire, where kids on the island can try out different sports.  We got involved by introducing sailing and windsurfing to the kids.  

Why (water) sports? 

Introducing the next generation to the fun of spending time on water they are more likely to appreciate nature and water. They are therefore more willing to take care of it in the future. Surfing through floating plastic isn’t fun and our pro athlete ambassadors have proven to successfully create awareness among water topics for a broad audience. Sport has the ability to tell stories that needs to be told and unite people to cooperate together, which is must needed to fight this climate crisis.  

They also joined the 1 Million Postcard Initiative to write down their dreams, solutions and thoughts on water! 

It’s been a successful kick-off weekend and 40 kids joined our water activities! This was just the beginning and we are  ready to make more waves!