Wavemaker and ultra marathon runner Mina Guli finishes the Seine River Run!

The countdown has started and all eyes are slowly turning towards Paris..

Only every 4 years the world’s eyes are on athletes fighting for the Olympic medals. Knowing the world is watching, there are opportunities to address important themes that goes beyond just sports..

A great example is the RunBlue campaign of ultramarathon runner Mina Guli, who took on the challenge to run the full length of the Seine river: 848 km! Why? To accelerate efforts to restore worlds rivers, including the Seine.

The Olympic open-water swim event was suppose to be held in the middle in Paris in the Seine but it is still uncertain if that’s really happening. The city’s water supply warned of unsafe pollution in the river with less than a month to go before the start of the Games..

But this ambition to make the river clean isn’t just about the Games, It’s a huge opportunity for a healthier ecosystem for the Seine and beyond.