Recap of Singapore International Water Week

Founder of Wavemakers United Tilly Stroo and Youth Network Manager  Gijs van Nes represented Wavemakers last month during the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW).  

On Wednesday June 19 they took part in the Netherlands and South East Asia Water Tech Innovation Forum and the event was divided in different programs.

Anneke Adema, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Singapore and Brunei, inaugurated the Netherlands pavilion, encouraging collaboration with her message: ‘Listen and collaborate’..

Meike van Ginneken, Water Envoy of the Netherlands, led a workshop on coastal and urban resilience and inaugurated The Netherlands and Southeast Asia Water Tech Innovation Forum.

Tilly participated in the breakout session and actively worked on a case about how to maintain the current coastline in a sustainable way.

Gijs was one of the moderators during the Southeast Asia Water Tech Innovation Forum. They talked about how we can connect and force new collaboration on topics such as water resource management, waste water and industrial water treatment and drinking water treatment.

Field visit

On the second day Gijs and Tilly were lucky enough to join the field visit to the Marina Barrage in Singapore. The work that has been done in Singapore to ensure sufficient drinking water, dry feet and protection against sea levels rises is inspiring to say the least.

We strongly believe that young people around the globe are able to share these messages in their own countries. After all, young people have the power to innovate, share knowledge and act across borders and generations.

We finished the day off with a networking event organized by the Dutch and Belgium government meeting inspiring people doing their work in the water sector.