The Wave of Egypt’ !

November 30 marks a special day for Wavemakers United as we launched another chapter: the Wave of Egypt!

We were honored by the speech of Special Water Envoy of the Netherlands Meike van Ginneken, about the importance  of youth involvement in solving the global water challenges and connecting us to local authorities and ngo’s. The youth of Egypt has great potential and we, as Wavemakers United, are more than excited to take part in that process.

Muhammet Bilgic launched the new wave and we’re pleased to announce Moustafa Abdalla and Sherine El-Wattar will co-chair this chapter!

We’re looking forward to make some waves in Egypt! 🌊 Let’s go!

Previous to the official announcement of the new Wave, Wavemaker Muhammet Biljic hosted another World Café on the 29th of October in Cairo that brought together an incredible combination of ambiance, energy, and youthful enthusiasm. They dove deep into the concept of Wave Egypt and explored how it should take shape in terms of needs, stakeholders, opportunities, and most importantly, communication.