American students join Wavemaker’s workshop!

On the 11th of July 130 American students visited the Humanity Hub to attend presentations and workshops hosted by Wavemaker Muhammet Biljic. They were challenged to solve water-related problems with a Wavemakers-mindset of achieving climate goals like Olympic achievements.

One of the main highlights of the workshop was the brainstorming session on how to make these initiatives irresistible to students.  From captivating projects and courses to fostering a sense of responsibility towards water conservation, they nailed it!

As the workshop concluded, a thought-provoking question lingered in the air: which approach is more effective – the Greta approach (emotion-driven) or the Olympic approach(competitive spirit)? The engaging discussion revealed that both have their merits, and a blend of passion and competition can be a potent recipe for change!

From captivating proposals to passionate pitches, they are ready to make waves of change!