Collaboration with the Egyptian Wrestling Federation!

As the African Wrestling Championship takes place in the fabulous city of Alexandria, Wavemakers is proud to announce the collaboration with the Egyptian Wrestling Federation.

This year’s championship goes beyond the enjoyment of competition. It’s a powerful symbol of community engagement and youth empowerment.

Through this exceptional collaboration, wavemakers and the Egyptian Wrestling Federation aim to empower young people, promote values of sportsmanship, and catalyze community involvement.

Our commitment extends beyond the competition itself. Wavemakers has played a key role in organizing the event, ensuring smooth execution and a successful outcome. More importantly, this partnership marks the beginning of a long-term journey of motivating talents, advancing sportsmanship, and strengthening active communities.

Join the movement and follow wavemakers as we create positive change through the power of sports. Together, let’s make a lasting impact on the lives of young people and the communities they represent!