Founder Tilly Stroo attends sport en trade mission Paris!

Wavemakers United coming for Paris 2024!

Paris is the host city for the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2024 and founder Tilly Stroo attended a valuable sport mission this week organized by the Nederlandse Ambassade in Frankrijk with GreenWaveEU and Olbia Conseil under the flag of SportsNL. The goal was to create sustainable connections between the French and Dutch sports industries.
New connections have been established with French partners from the private sector and (youth) organizations for water and climate.

For Wavemakers United, this marks the beginning of the follow-up to the #Un2023GamechangerChallenge, where innovation will take center stage next year at the officials start of the next Gamechanger Challenge! Achieving the climate goals of Paris is an Olympic feat, and together we aim for a gold! 🥇

Please join us in our mission and see how you can participate in the next challenge within the different roles!