Founder Tilly Stroo signs Letter of Intent at World Water Forum Bali

Founder of Wavemakers United Tilly Stroo signed a Letter of Intent for collaboration under the Centre of Excellence for Water and Climate Resilience between PUPR SDA and Wavemakers United.

By signing this LOI on such a significant platform as the 10th WWF, Indonesia and the Netherland demonstrate their ongoing investment in youth participation and collaboration, not just during World Water Forums but into the future.

Together we will analyze and follow up on local commitments to the water action agenda, raise awareness, build capacity and create an ecosystem led by youth where we will be guide, facilitate, and empower them.

Tilly Stroo had the honour to sign, together with Director general of PUPR SDA Pak Bob witnessed by Special Water Envoy of the Netherlands Meike van Ginneken.

Tilly stroo: “I am immensely grateful to be standing here today, and start work with all the fantastic youth and organizations that have already pledged their commitment. And everyone here is welcome to join us.”