Green Waterlabs at ‘de Week van Ons Water’ in the Netherlands

During the Week of Our Water, Wavemakers United organized several Green Water Labs in the Netherlands at Intratuin Leeuwarden and Groenrijkrijswijk in cooperation with ‘Ons Water’. 170 children playfully learned through our Green Garden and Climate Table experiments why green gardens and green cities are important for biodiversity and how they combat flooding. 

In Leeuwarden, the children were educated by Merel Tesselaar and in Rijswijk by professional sailor Mirthe Akkerman. Afterwards, the children were given a beautiful flower bulb to plant in their own neighborhood! Some classes were so inspired that the day after their visit to the Green Water Lab, they went into their own neighborhood to see how the environment and gardens in their neighbourhood could be improved. 

Listen here to lessons the children learned during their visit to the Green Water Lab!