Making waves at the Water Innovation Festival!

On the 1st of Februari, the Water Innovation Festival in Utrecht, Netherlands was the place to be for the exchange of knowledge between students, experts and innovators within the water sector.

Wavemakers Meinke van Oenen (winner of the UN2023 Gamechanger Challenge), Tim Rotteveel and Gijs van Nes took centre stage and had the honor to host a session at the festival! 

Meinke opened the session by discussing her award-winning innovation that utilizes algae for water desalination. Tim followed up Meinke by talking about Wavemakers United and emphasizing the importance of youth participation in the water sector.
Gijs van Nes wrapped up the session by introducing the ‘303030 Youth Target’, and facilitated an interactive discussion on enhancing youth engagement in the water sector. > The ‘303030 Youth Target’ aims to include youth by targeting to have at least 30% of the employees in the water sector younger than 30 years old by 2030.

It was an inspiring afternoon filled with interesting discussions and innovative ideas!