Making waves in Indonesia!

A small Wavemaker delegate has visited Jakarta mid February to introduce Wavemakers United and collaborate with Nuffic Southeast Asia and The Water Agency to strengthen collaborations between local knowledge and educational institutes and youth organizations. The goal was to create and execute the Indonesia Wave, and explore its potential and possibilities for adoption by Indonesian partners. 

The Indonesia Wave aims to empower youth to work on concrete solutions for global water challenges. Bringing together and building upon various existing youth and young professional networks in Indonesia into a local ‘wave’.

To effectively achieve this objective, Wavemakers and The Water Agency organized a guest lecture and mini challenges for students of Politeknik Pekerjaan Umum, DSC Universita Diponegoro and Universitas Negeri Semarang to address water challenges. They were asked to analyze the challenges and propose potential solutions in these countries. We gained incredible inspiration and so much positive energy from the staff and students!

We are very excited further develop a sustainable program for and by young people as we head towards the 10th World Water Forum in Bali!  

Thanks once again to Nuffic Southeast Asia, Sabrina Salsabilla,  ITB Bogor , IPB Bandung , The Water Agency, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Partners voor Water for the hospitality and collaboration with  Institut Teknolog, Bandung, World Water Forum, Delatares, Young Expert programs and all the student, professors and young professionals involved. 

Let’s start this Wave in Indonesia!