Margo Adonis appointed as ‘Ambassador of Education’ for Wavemakers United

Wavemaker Margo Tamzone Adonis is rocking it since day one! As she says: “we have planted 1600 trees and conducted 2817 Guest Lectures contributing towards our committed of 1 million guest lectures!”  We therefore believe no one suits the title ‘ambassador of Education’ better than Margo herself. 

Since the established of Wavemakers United in South Africa in partnership with The Department of Water and Sanitation and Visions Of Change South Africa NPO we have done many guest lecturers around the Western Cape!

Our water labs and environmental education is linked to the commemoration of environmental days of importance such as water week, World Water Day, World Rivers Day , National Arbor Week and World Environment Week and World Oceans Day which gives us an opportunity to educate and create the awareness around environmental topics!

Let’s continue making waves!