Marit Bouwmeester Dutch Wavemaker

Olympic sailor Marit Bouwmeester is the newest ambassador of Dutch Wavemakers! Like the Dutch Wavemakers, Marit believes in a world in which the next generation is the source of inspiration and innovation for, and is working on, real sustainable change in the field of water and energy.

About Marit Bouwmeester
The first boat Marit Bouwmeester sails in is an Optimist. Her sailing career starts when she, in her own words ‘accidentally’, joins the Talent team. At some point she makes the switch to the Splash and finally to the Laser Radial. She asks the head coach of the Talent Squad what it costs to win Olympic gold. The answer does not deter Bouwmeester. Under the motto ‘I want to dominate the world in the Laser Radial’, the fanatical Frisian sailor sets off. In 2011, Bouwmeester won the Olympic test event in Weymouth, qualified for the 2012 Olympic Games in London and also won the Laser Radial World Title in Perth (Australia) in the same year.

Bouwmeester won a silver medal at the London 2012 Olympics. On her way to the 2016 Games, Bouwmeester will continue to sail at the top of the world: in 2014 she became World Champion for the second time, at the ISAF Worlds in Santander, Spain. A year later she finished second at the World Championships, during the European Championship in 2016 she made up for it and took gold. That same year she goes to the Olympics for the second time, with only one goal: gold. She manages to achieve this goal in Rio de Janeiro, she becomes Olympic Champion in the Laser Radial. In 2021 Marit will again take the podium at the Olympic Games. In Tokyo she came third and won the bronze medal.

First Collaboration: Waterbazen
Marit has already started work on a first assignment in collaboration with Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland: ‘Water bosses’. With this project, people can contribute in their own way to clean and sufficient water. Marit: “We are very happy with all Water Bosses. Because the more water-conscious people, the better. We also work hard every day on clean and sufficient water, and safe dikes.” This collaboration contributes to SDG 6, SDG 13, SDG 14

Win a sailing lesson from Olympic champion Marit Bouwmeester
Just like Olympic sailing champion Marit Bouwmeester and dike warden Piet-Hein Daverveldt, show that you are a Water Boss. Scoop along for clean water or green your garden or neighborhood for dry feet.

How to apply?

  • Share how you keep the ditch or swimming pool clean by cleaning up litter.
  • Or show how you collect rainwater and thus reduce the risk of flooding.
  • Who knows, you might have a different idea and become a Water Boss by keeping an eye on the safety of our dykes.

Watch the video with Marit and look for more information about the giveaway on the website of Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland