Meet newest ambassador: Diana Virgovicova

We’re happy to introduce our Ambassador of Innovation: Diana Virgovicova!

The ambitious 22 y/o Diana is dedicated to find a solution to clean polluted water after seeing a black river in India when she was 14 years. She is on her way to really make it happen!

By the age of 17 she discovered a new type of photocatalyc molecule which was awarded by several international prizes, such as the Junior World Water Prize in Stockholm. She founded her company Xatoms to continue her research and is currently studying at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Her actions didn’t stay unnoticed and is slowly getting known by a bigger audience and in November she did her first ever Ted Talk in Toronto about AI and quantum computing. She also talked about the importance of gender equality, innovation and also education where Wavemakers United was mentioned in our mission to educate 1 million youngster a year on water!

We’re very proud of Diana and happy to have her on our team!