Workshop IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition

Wavemaker United hosted a workshop during the IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition in Kigali.

During this workshop, hosted by Gijs van Nes almost 50 people from all over the world worked together with the aim to solve water challenges together of 5 different countries: Rwanda, India, Yemen, Australie and Brazil. 

Participants were asked to analyze the challenges and possible solutions in these countries. Thereafter they were challenged to think about the capacities needed to implement solutions and the training, education and experience young people should acquire in order to be able to take on those challenges.


The outcome was that these people think that regulations should be imposed and monitored by the governments. Within these regulations, local communities should be enabled to undertake action against the challenges they face. This should be done by providing the communities with financial and technical resources, education and training. The role of communication was especially highlighted. This concerns communication amongst stakeholders, external communication with other sectors, awareness campaigns and even across borders.