‘The role of ambassadors’ topic of the day during workshop session

On April 16, Wavemakers United organized a workshop in the Netherlands at the so called ‘Vakdag’ at Ons Water, where professionals come together to exchange knowledge and experiences to further develop and maintain their craftsmanship.

This years theme was: ‘Water- conscious into the future’ and we hosted a workshop about the power of (sports) ambassadors to create awareness of water issues.  Athlete ambassador Maarten Molenaar shared his thoughts and experience on reaching audiences as an athlete and the do’s and don’ts on how to do that.

Various stakeholders from the water sector participated in the workshop; municipalities, water board and ministries . They got divided into several groups to dive deeper in the questions on how to encourage a person to become an ambassador and how to ensure more awareness and positive behavioral change.

The output was collected on a poster and presented to everyone involved. Very creative ideas emerged, some of which we hope will be brought to reality. The participants looked even beyond just sports ambassadors, but also musicians, social media influencers, and even members of the royal family

It was a successful and inspiring session! Special thanks to Ons water for the well organized day!