This was the UN Water Conference: Thank you!

Thanks to the always inspiring Henk Ovink, Sulton Rahimzoda and the UN team for their Olympic achievement in organizing the first UN Water Conference in 42 years and creating a Water Action Agenda! 

Thank you for giving Wavemakers United the opportunity to connect with as many youth networks and partners for water as possible on the way to – and during – the UN2023 Water Conference in New York. Thank you for the beautiful collaboration, the inspiration, hope and commitments. The outcome of the UN2023 Gamechanger Challenge has surpassed our wildest expectations because of your efforts and support. 

200 knowledge institutions, 1000 students from more than 62 countries participated in the UN2023 Gamechanger Challenge. They gave at least 1 guest lecture to youngsters in their local community about (one of) the SDGs and their connection to water. These lectures were their inspiration to develop an innovative idea that can take on a global water challenge. 

All students worked extremely hard to come up with THE Gamechanger for clean, sufficient, and/or safe water. We are extremely proud of the fantastic ideas that have emerged from this, and we invite everyone to guide these young people to actual implementation.

The UN2023 Water Conference and the road towards it has inspired Wavemakers enormously. This Water Conference doesn’t mean the end of this new movement, it’s just the beginning! 

Join our commitment to the Water Action Agenda

We have officially submitted our commitment to the Water Action Agenda and many parties have already joined: From youth networks, the participants, coaches, ambassadors, and judges of the UN2023 Gamechanger Challenge to new partners we met in New York. 

Together we will work on concrete local water action! 



  1. Every year we give a guest lecture about water to 1 million youngsters (aged 7-17)
  2. Gamechangers that have been developed and are still being developed can be adopted by organizations from the private and public sector, startups, and scale-ups. These gamechangers can be supported by your network, expertise, and resources.
  3. From the above activities and collaborations, national ‘Chapters’ are started with local quadruple helix representatives and the sports sector to build local learning communities for water.

We’re inviting everyone to participate and join our commitment! Are you not connected yet, but would you like to participate? Send an e-mail to or check our website for more information. 

 We can’t to create a fantastic collaboration with you because this is what water deserves! Let’s go for gold!