UN2023 Gamechanger Challenge: the five finalists are here!

Since its launch at the Stockholm World Water Week 2022 the UN2023 Gamechanger Challenge has entered its last phase: the Finals! Over a thousand students from 62 nationalities worldwide have joined the Challenge to develop an innovative idea that takes on global water challenges. Last month the Top-20 were announced by the Youth Jury. On the 21st of February, at the Sailor’s Terrace of the Ocean Race Village in Cape Town, South Africa, the finalists were announced. 

Co-organizers Wavemakers United and IHE Delft Institute for Water Education are proud to announce the five front-runners:

  • Team Ladakh, India
  • Team Pauwes, Nigeria/Ghana
  • Team Algaenius, the Netherlands
  • Team Sigmuan, Phillipines
  • Team Oceanic, South Africa

Their ideas, and the 15 other ideas from the second round of the Challenge, can be found (and adopted) in the market place of ideas. Per team one representative will join the New York Water Week and UN Water Conference, to further develop and eventually pitch their idea. 

Although only one team will come on top, every team is a winner. Because just as in sports, participation is far more important than winning. And just because you didn’t win the gold in this Challenge, what holds you back to win gold in the next one? 

Stay informed about our road to New York City through our website and social media!