Wave of Egypt starts own Innovation Hub

We participated in ONLY GREEN TALKS – Water Conservation Workshop with Act Sustainable this month and joined a powerful discussion on water scarcity at the “Flowing Towards Sustainability” hosted by our chairman Mr, Moustafa Abdullah.

During the panel discussion, we engaged in a robust conversation regarding water scarcity, with a particular focus on Egypt. We discussed the various challenges Egypt faces in this regard, including population growth, climate change, and upstream developments impacting the Nile River. We underscored the urgent need for comprehensive solutions, emphasizing the importance of innovative conservation methods, improved water management, and collaborative regional efforts.

Our dialogue emphasized the significance of raising awareness and fostering collective action to ensure sustainable water use. Through meaningful exchanges and shared insights, we highlighted pathways toward effective water stewardship, stressing the importance of community involvement and advocacy. Our participation in the discussion exemplified our dedication to promoting dialogue and driving positive change in the realm of water conservation, both locally and globally.

In fact, this event turned out to be a motivation and inspiration to start our own Wavemaker Innovation Hub.

About the Egypt Wavemaker Innovation Hub

This project connects individuals and startups passionate about water conservation with essential resources like funding and mentorship from key stakeholders. Our goal is to support innovative projects addressing water challenges, fostering collaboration and entrepreneurship and has been officially launched!

To apply and get more information, please mail to Moustafa@wavemakersunited.com