Wavemakers and Anna Lindh Foundation collaborated for Workshop in Alexandria!

The Anna Lindh Foundation, in partnership with Wave of Egypt, hosted a dynamic workshop in Alexandria that brought participants together for a day of camaraderie and a water-focused goal. The event kicked off with icebreaker activities that fostered connections, setting the stage for collaborative problem-solving.

Divided into groups, participants tackled water-related challenges through brainstorming sessions. The room was filled with creative energy, laughter, and a spirit of cooperation as diverse voices weaved together visions, solutions, and artistic expressions.

Coffee breaks and lunch fueled further conversation and bonding, strengthening the sense of shared purpose and accomplishment. The day culminated in a film festival that captured the essence of collaboration.

The workshop was a testament to the power of teamwork. Participants embraced challenges, celebrated victories, and painted a picture of multiplied inspiration for a brighter, water-inspired future.

Additionally, participants divided themselves into groups to analyze water challenges and problems, its role in peace, and find implementation ideas to mitigate challenges.