Wavemakers United Foundation adopts Lebanese 1 Million Action Postcards initiative!

The world is facing many water-related challenges and the global community needs successful initiatives to face them. Besides technical innovations, we need to activate the next generation of bright minds and changemakers to take water action. With awareness, education and career opportunities we can create a climate resilient future through water.

Therefore, the Wavemakers United Foundation is adopting the 1 Million Action Postcards (1MAP) initiative of the University of Balamand, Lebanon. The initiative, that was developed during the UN2023 Gamechanger Challenge, aims to collect 1 million postcards from local communities, youth and minorities who share their ideas about water. The 1MAP-initiative will receive support through the Wavemakers United Academy, the guest-lecture toolkit, and through the network of the Foundation.

The 1MAP initiative will form an integral part of the Water Action Agenda commitment “1 million water lessons”, led by the Wavemakers United Foudation. Within this commitment a consortium of stakeholders is gathered to ensure that 1 million youth from around the world will receive a guest-lecture on a water-related topic. Stakeholders interested in this commitment can request more information by sending an e-mail to community@wavemakersunited.com.

University of Balamand and Wavemakers United connected during the Dubai Expo 2020 – where the Wavemakers United Academy was launched. Both organizations understand the urgency of resolving the global water challenges through both technical and social innovations. Now, it’s time to join forces and create a wave of impact around the world!

Are you interested in the 1MAP initiative or the other ideas from the UN2023 Gamechanger Challenge and the Wavemakers United network? Adopt an idea and help develop the next gamechanger!