Wavemakers United represented at the Sail for the Future Pentecost event! 

We are very happy to announce our new collaboration with Sail for the Future. 

The foundation facilitates (sailing) innovative projects where students, young professionals, experts, scientist and employers of companies come together to answer big questions concerning the climate crisis. The combination of innovating trough design thinking and sailing is a great combination to work in a creative environment and come up with new ideas to make the world more sustainable! 

The event held in the Pentecost weekend was the first event Wavemakers United was represented.  It turned out to be a stormy but fun weekend with great brainstorm session on the ‘Store Baelt’ ship.  

This year the program was focused on contributing to NGOs and Civil Society Movements. Wavemakers United was invited to discuss two cases: how to build an international community of Wavemakers, and how to go from initiative to innovation. The contributions of these young thinkers will be processed into our road to UNWC23 and beyond.