Dutch Wavemakers trains the changemakers of the future

In collaboration with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency – What do top athletes, students and the energy transition have in common? Tilly Stroo, founder of Dutch Wavemakers, uses this combination to make an international difference in the field of sustainability.

Dutch Wavemakers is an internationally operating ECHT Community program that trains top athletes and students with a passion for water and energy to commit to sustainable change. REAL Community is a transition agency. They use knowledge, experience, skills and their network for companies, education and the government to accelerate the energy transition. The expertise lies within the themes of sustainable energy, circularity, human capital and transition management.

Within EHT Community, a small but enthusiastic team is working on the Dutch Wavemakers program. Founder Tilly Stroo acts as a lobbyist to ensure that the right parties come into contact with each other. “My great driving force is the young people who come up with ideas,” she says. ‘I frame, facilitate and provide financial resources. I also link up with events and ensure that programs are set up together with ministries and universities. I also leave a lot to the young people. They give guest lessons and participate in events such as the Olympic Games and The Ocean Race. We are building a community of young people who will soon enter the labor market as the changemakers for a better climate. Including the CEOs of the future.”

Top athletes and students as sustainable leaders of the future
The origins of Dutch Wavemakers lie with one of the many trips Stroo made when she was working for a large travel organization. She wanted to go into business, but with her heart. That is why she started to devote herself to young people with a top sport ambition in the Zeeland region. She trained these young people to become ambassadors for Zeeland. The initiative quickly gained national recognition. During the second stage of the Tour de France from Utrecht to Neeltje Jans, Stroo met water envoy Henk Ovink. He made a passionate plea for more golden hands and brains needed to work on all those water challenges the world faces.

“Ovink said the world is facing growing water challenges. This requires much-needed expertise. He also talked about the importance of the Human Capital program of the Water & Maritime Top Sector. We are working hard to find, train and retain qualified personnel for the sector. People are needed with not only knowledge, but also innovative capacity and agility. The program contributes to making young people and students familiar with the versatility of water and technology.”

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